I’ve started doing some photography, here’s max for Nymphets xoxo
Anonymous: oooh are the last pics by connie mcdonald?? soOooOo dreamy, creamy, soft n purfect omg im in luv ~~~luv from canada

yep connie mcdonald is amazing love working with her! xxx

Anonymous: lol i don't have tumblr i wish i cud reveal myself tho haha im in love with ur work

hehee awww :( thank you xoxoxox

horizeon: hey! when is your website reopening? :)

heeey not sure, my friend is working on it hopefully in a month. but you can see all our recent work on facebook.com/nymphets or instagram.com/nymfitz  

Anonymous: are u guys from NZ? cuz i discovered u on the ~internet~ (i live in new york) and last week i was walking on the brooklyn bridge and saw one of ur stickers... anyways AWESOME FUNKY CLOTHES U ROCK NYMPHETS

wow thats so amazing. my friend was in new york and was sticking nymphets stickers around the place.. yeah we are new zealanders :) x

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